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Leonardo DiCaprio’s hilarious Oscar memes

Online jokers celebrate Leo Dicaprio’s first Oscar win for The Revanant with the bear and the old lady from Titanic.

The 2016 Oscars went down Monday at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles and Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Academy Award!

After five heartbreaking nominations it was no secret who the people’s favourite was – Leo, who has been nominated five other times for acting in 2014’s The Wolf of Wall Street, 2007’s Blood Diamond, 2005’s The Aviator, and his breakthrough role in 1994’s What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

Despite being pitted as the red-hot favourite for his portrayal of legendary frontiersman Hugh Glass, fans of the 41-year-old didn’t get their hopes up – after all they have been burned before when poor Leo has always walked away Oscar-less, and no doubt left to seek comfort in the arms of a leggy supermodel.

But not this year. This year the Oscar went home with Leo and the internet rejoiced.

In the lead up to the 88th Academy Awards online jokers circulated many entertaining memes and the crafty creations didn’t stop post-win either, with cameos from The Revanant’s bear, the old lady on the Titanic, Gatsby and even the spinning top from Inception suggesting the win was all a dream.

So this is the story of Leonardo DiCaprio’s road to Oscar glory told in memes…

leo 1

Days before the Oscars he made a frantic phone call…

leo 2

At times it felt like this was the only way he was going to get one…

leo 3

A savage blow.

leo 4

LOLs all around?

Leo 5

Leo 6

Kanye, were were you?

Leo 7

In the end, it was a hard slog.

Leo 8

And fans were looking for the silver lining, just in case the win didn’t come…

Leo 9

Because it’s been so long…

Leo 10


Leo 11

Leo 12

He got up and gave a gracious speech, but he could have just done this…

Leo 13

This is Leo on his way to work from now on…

Leo 14

And on the weekends…

Leo 15

Here’s to you, Leo.

For a minute, we were worried it was too good to be true…

And we hope you killed that bear good and proper…

But for now, we’re just going to enjoy. And to all the haters…

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