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Jessica’s lonely hen do

Jessica Biel's hens party is going to be a lot smaller than Justin Timberlake's stag do.

Jessica Biel’s hen party isn’t likely to rustle many feathers. A source reveals that Jessica, who is set to marry Justin Timberlake later this year, is said to be in a flap because she doesn’t have many people to invite to her party.

Jessica Biel has the ring but not the party

“Jessica doesn’t have a lot of girlfriends,” a source told Star magazine. They added that Jessica’s current party plan is to meet up with some old friends from her hometown in Colorado.

Justin Timberlake’s stag do is going to be big

Justin’s stag do, on the other hand, is set to be a raucous affair. “[It’s] going to make The Hangover look like Driving Miss Daisy,” says the source.

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