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Janet’s joined the mile-high club!

Janet Jackson has admitted she’s a member of the mile-high club. The pop star, who is dating music producer Jermaine Dupree, revealed her saucy secret during a recent interview on Tyra Bank’s chat show. When the retired model asked her guest about the craziest place she’d done the dirty, Janet was initially shy – but then she admitted, “on a plane, on an airplane…Commercial [airline]”. Tyra wanted to know exactly where on the plane – “In a bathroom?” she asked. The singer left the host stunned when she replied, “No,” adding, “That’s what makes it worse.” Tyra continued probing, prompting Janet to reveal, “It was at my seat.” Quick as a flash, Tyra then quizzed her guest as to whether she’d ever faked an orgasm. Janet replied, “I think on every album except for this one [new album 20 Yo].” [22 November 2006]

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