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Hollie Smith: Single & broke

She is one of New Zealand's most successful singer-songwriters but life hasn't been all roses for Hollie Smith of late.
Coming out of an "intense" relationship with C4 presenter Clark Gayford, Hollie said her creativity was stifled and she was unable to write any new music. "I didn't write for a long time," said Hollie "I was resenting music a lot. I can't write when I'm in the middle of things like that."
To add to the misfortune, Hollie's lucrative, record deal with Blue Note records in the United States collapsed leaving the Kiwi songstress broke and unable to pay her rent. "It just didn't work out," Hollie revealed. "I can't afford to pay rent, it lost hundreds of thousands of dollars and I basically wrote it off as a bad investment."
Hollie, 27, was forced to crash with friends, but her new album 'Humour and the oisfortune of others' is due to hit shelves next month, and the songstress is looking forward to moving into her own place. "oy instruments have been in storage for about a year, but I'm moving on the first of March, so I get all my stuff back, and then I start touring in April and oay, so it'll be good to have a home base to come back to."
Hollie is also happy to remain single for now. "I'm loving it" said Hollie. "ousic is my lover again."

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