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He said he’d be back…

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Premiere Of Lionsgate Films' "The Expendables 2"

It seems metaphorical mud slinging is no longer enough to keep the former Governor of California entertained – Arnold Schwarzenegger is back to acting. Slipping effortlessly back into the action movies that made him famous, Arnie stars in Sylvester Stallone’s latest flick, The Expendables 2, and seems to be using his first role in 10 years as a kind of stress release to cope with the pressures of office.

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger arrive at the premiere of ‘The Expendables 2’

“[The producers] soon realised I hadn’t forgotten how to shoot a gun, take out a knife, kill a guy and cut his head off,” Arnold says proudly. “You wish you could do some of those things when you’re in politics, but sadly you can’t.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger signing his autograph for fans at ‘The Expendables 2’ premiere, August 15, 2012

He also says he was excited to work with Sylvester, joking, “We have so many things in common: physical fitness, action movies and the fact no-one can understand a word either one of us says.”

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