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Geri picks a Posh godmother

Geri Halliwell will ask former bandmate Victoria Beckham to be the godmother to her four-week-old baby, Bluebell Madonna. Despite their bitter feuds when Geri left the Spice Girls in 1997, the pair have become close again and now speak regularly – Posh even sent Geri a poncho to help hide her bump in the early stages of pregnancy. Geri, who has been staying with George Michael since the birth, wants his American boyfriend Kenny Goss to be the godfather. So far, Geri has refused Bluebell’s father, film producer Sacha Gervasi, access to the child, despite a plea from their mutual friend Robbie Williams – who introduced the couple in the first place. An insider says, “Victoria is probably one of the few people who is close to Geri. She was like a sister to her when she was pregnant. Geri is passionate about having strong role models, especially female ones, in her daughter’s life. And who better than Victoria?” No doubt Posh, who has three boys with husband David – will be thrilled to be Bluebell’s godmother. The source adds, “Geri is acutely aware that Victoria wants a little girl. She sees how much she dotes on her nieces, Liberty and Tallulah oay.” [16 June 2006]

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