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End of days: ‘There’s something about fighting girls that is awesome’

Why one Kiwi star has been forced to toughen up.

Greta Gregory is in no doubt about her latest show’s appeal.

“There’s something about bad-ass fighting girls that is really awesome!” she laughs.

The 23-year-old actress, who impressed critics playing real-life survivor Heather Walsh in The Monster of Mangatiti, takes on a very different survival story in teen drama The Cul de Sac.

Focusing on a small Kiwi town whose adults mysteriously disappear one morning, Greta features as shy 16-year-old Rose, who finds herself the leader of the group of youths left behind.

“She’s very bookish and quite a loner in her own way,” says Greta of her character, “but she wants to look after her younger brother and sister, and make sure they’re alright. She steps up out of wanting to support those she sees as weak or who can’t stand up for themselves.”

Though she was much more outgoing than Rose in her formative years, Greta has found a few similarities between the two in that she is “quite stubborn and very loyal”.

And she says the rag-tag band of survivors, which includes Shortland Street stars KJ Apa and Beulah Koale, were a pleasure to lead.

“For six weeks, we got to hang out every day and play in this world in which we broke free of all the rules,” she jokes.

But what really secured Greta’s passion in the project was wearing Rose’s post-apocalyptic costumes.

“As the season goes on, we begin dressing in these awesome end-of-the-world-style outfits. They start off normal and become quite outrageous!”

The Cul de Sac, screens Sundays at 6pm on TV2

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