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Emma Watson a “hopeless romantic”

Harry Potter actress Emma Watson believes the way people conduct relationships has changed through the years, but the 21-year-old beauty insists she is still a fan of traditional romance.

“I’ve always been a hopeless romantic. I think, ‘Why not?’ It’s nice. I think there’s a perception that perhaps my generation doesn’t believe in romance so much. I would be tempted to disagree and say we do believe in romance, seduction and gallantry, but that courtship and the game is played in a different way,” Emma says.

Emma – who is believed to be dating actor Johnny Simmons – also thinks her ideas of love have changed as she has gotten older, but she insists she is as romantic as ever.

“I think as I’m growing up, my definition of love is becoming a lot broader. I think you can love loads of different people in different ways,” she says.

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