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Dannii Minogue put off having children

Singer Dannii Minogue admits sleepless nights put her off having more children.

The 40-year-old often thinks about having a sibling for Ethan, her 20-month-old son with partner Kris Smith, but sometimes thinks it would be a bad idea because of the difficulties of raising young children.

“I kind of think it’s a good idea when I see a gorgeous little baby and I’m thinking, ‘Oh I want a cuddle,’” she says.

“And then I think about all the sleepless nights and I think, ‘No, bad idea, really stupid.’

“Everyone says to me, when you have two and you see them interact together that it brings even more joy than just watching one child. But I don’t know…”

Dannii and Kris – an English rugby-league-player-turned-model – relocated to her native Australia last year because they wanted a stable environment for Ethan, and despite having moved closer to her family, the former X Factor judge says it wasn’t her idea to relocate.

She explained in an interview with HELLO! magazine, “We wanted to set up a base so Ethan was settled. As much as kids are very portable at a small age, you also want to have some routine.

“So we decided to make Australia our base. In Melbourne, my parents are there, my brother is there with his kids, my sister is there at the moment and Kris’ parents come out and visit us.

“It was sort of Kris’ idea. He was like, ‘I really love Australia, that’s where I see us being.’ And I’m a lot less stressed when I’m in Australia.”

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