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Dannii Minogue feels

Singer Dannii Minogue is unlikely to leave the comfort of her native Australia, as she feels ”anchored” there with boyfriend Kris Smith and 13-month-old son Ethan.

She says, “I always thought I would come back. I was waiting for the thing that would anchor me here, and having a family with a baby definitely does that. Everyone wants to be near their parents when they have a baby.

“It just worked out that Kris loves being here, so there wasn’t any struggle with that.”

39-year-old Dannii quickly got back into shape following the birth of Ethan last year, but she admits it wasn’t a conscious decision.

The Australia’s Got Talent star says, “I don’t understand how other mums go to the gym after having a baby, because I’m exhausted just looking after him.

“I don’t know how my body did it. It just snapped back. I think it’s partly genetic. oum said she was the same after each baby. Chasing after him, playing, running up and down stairs. And every time you pick up the baby and they drop their dummy, you think, ‘Weighted squat!'”

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