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Coronation street’s Jennie McAlpine

She started her career as a stand-up comic, but the upcoming storyline for Coronation Street actress Jennie McAlpine is no laughing matter.

Her hugely popular Weatherfield character, Fiz, has gone through an emotional ordeal, marrying kidnapper John in prison, before being framed by him for murder. Raising her baby, Hope, in a prison mother-baby unit has been harrowing, and life is going to get even more stressful for Fiz when she heads to court to stand trial for murder.

After 12 years onthe show, Jennie says that despite her gift for comedy, she loves the dramatic storylines.

“I’m dead chuffed [about this story]. WhenI first came to Corrie, I was offered four episodes as a funny, gobby troublemaker.But I was asked back, and over the years I’ve been blessed with big storylines and learnt loads from some amazing actors,” the Manchesternative told The Mirror.

The jury’s out on whether Fiz will ever taste freedom again.

Jennie says Coro fans will love her role’s developmentas much as she does.

“Fiz is so scared. She knows that although she’s got Hope with her in the baby unit now, it’s only for the short term, and if the worst happens and she’s found guilty and sent down, then Hope won’t be with her”

“The solicitors are advising her to plead guilty, but she doesn’t want to because she’s not guilty. But they say all the evidence is stacked up against her,” says Jennie.

Although Fiz’s love blinded her to John’s faults, Jennie is much more level-headed when it comes to relationships. The 29-year-old has been with her boyfriend, Chris Farr, for eight years, and there’s no way she’d rush into a wedding or start a family at the moment.

“I haven’t got time – for babies or marriage. I don’t like being the centre of attention,so a big wedding isn’t for me.”

As for her character, Jennie says Fiz still hopes her rogue husband will return to clear her name. “She’s thinking all sorts of things,” says Jennie.

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