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Christina Hendricks a soon-to-be mum?

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks feels under “pressure” to have children.

The 36-year-old actress insists she and spouse Geoffrey Arend are in no rush to start a family, though she is constantly being asked about the possibility as many of her friends now have kids.

“I think about i[having children] all the time because people are constantly asking me,” she says. “I’m not ready for that as of now, but all my friends are having them so the pressure is on.”

The flame-haired beauty also admitted Geoffrey finds it funny that she is regarded as a pin-up because of her role of Joan Harris in the 1950s drama, because he thinks she is just the same off camera.

“My husband says, ‘What ‘Joan’ walk? You’ve always walked that way,” she told Britain’s Hello! magazine. “It’s just all the mannerisms – the voice changes a little bit, the walk changes a little bit and the way I use my hands changes a little bit. The walk seems to come up on interviews and on talk shows.”

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