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Cheryl Cole terrified

Singer Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole finds the red carpet “terrifying”.

The 28-year-old Girls Aloud star admits that although it might look glamorous, in truth it’s far from it.

“For the record, it’s terrifying. We once had this nightmare where my dress ripped here, somebody was sewing here, my nail had just chipped so somebody was painting them.” Cheryl revealed.

“Then I walked out, tripped in the middle of the corridor, grabbed the security guy and tore all my nail polish off. I had burgundy nail polish all down my white dress. So I said, ‘Wait until I figure out how I am going to manoeuvre this handbag so that my nails are covered’.”

“So, that’s how I walked down the carpet. It was absolute pandemonium. Anyone who says that they love red carpets is lying. Getting dressed up is the best part. And champagne after the event – that’s even better.”

Despite her successful solo career and a stint as a judge on The X Factor, Cheryl insists she still sees herself as just a regular girl from Newcastle.

She told Stylist magazine: “I still feel like that little girl. That’s the weirdest thing for me especially when I’m out in America and people are like, ‘So what’s your background, where you from?’ When I tell them, they find it difficult to believe that I’m from a council estate. They’re like, ‘No way!’

“In my mind I’m still that person. But to them I’m a pop star, it really is the strangest feeling.”

Having finally joined twitter last year, the 3 Words hitmaker says it has helped her become more familiar with her fans.

She said: “I just feel like they know me and I know them, especially now with twitter. Is that weird?

“I did a signing two days ago where I get to see them one-on-one and I was asking them so many questions. They were laughing at me saying it was like I was interviewing them but I want to make sure I really know them.” She says.

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