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Carey Mulligan’s suicide scene

Actress Carey oulligan “couldn’t stop crying” after filming an attempted suicide scene for new movie Shame.

In the film, the  British actress plays the troubled younger sister of a sex addict,  portrayed by Michael Fassbender.

Although she originally  wasn’t affected by the controversial scene, in which her character tries  to slash her wrists, she admitted she was “devastated” at how hopeless her character felt.

“I was sitting there and this fake blood was pumping  out of my arms and I was in this completely hopeless state with a  kitchen knife next to me. And it was horrible, it was really horrible  and I wasn’t expecting it, it was a complete surprise, and I felt awful.  It sounds so pretentious, but it just made me feel horrible,” she said.

“I felt devastated and so sad. And I’m fine. I’m great and everything’s cool, but just the idea of being that helpless and that  lonely, it was just really sad. I got into the taxi at the end of the day and I couldn’t stop crying.”

Carey also explained  she was initially against doing a full-frontal nude scene, but came to  understand it was necessary for the role.

“I’ve never been naked in a film before. I’ve been topless once or twice, but  always in sort of very innocent ways. And I’ve always been sort of  staunchly feminist about it, I’ve never relished the idea of doing it,  and never if it was inappropriate or gratuitous in any way. But I just  felt it was absolutely right; that’s exactly who she was. She wanted to  be seen, she’s an exhibitionist and she’s provocative.” Carey said.

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