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Boy George

British singer Boy George has declared that he will no longer bad-mouth people. The ex-Culture Club frontman has a controversial history of insulting people, including calling ‘Little Britain’ star Matt Lucas a “prissy, niggly diva” and slamming George Michael for refusing to come out of the closet. But the ‘Karma Chameleon’ singer is putting those days behind him.

“oy days of slagging people off are over,” says the androgynous star. “I’m very conscious now that if I’m going to say something, it’s going to be something useful.”

Boy – whose real name is George o’Dowd – insists he is a lot calmer nowadays, adding, “As I’ve got older, I’ve realised the power of what I say. In the past, I was much more opposed to everything… Nothing really bothers me like it used to.”

The singer also hinted at the possibility of Culture Club reforming. Since their last concert in 2002, Boy has had lots of trouble with the law, but he hasn’t used drugs for two years now and is keen to reunite with his old group.

“I think we could do a one-off gig or maybe a small tour,” he says. “It’s our 30th anniversary next year so we may do something. It’s all about my mood at the time.”

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