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Book Review: The Accidental Husband

Book review of The Accidental Husband by Jane Green.

Maggie and Sylvie are two women living completely different lives on opposite coasts of the United States.

When Maggie’s first husband – the father of her daughter – died, she never imagined she would find love again. But handsome, enigmatic Mark sweeps into their lives and embraces them both. Although he spends a lot

of time away for work, Maggie adores him and she has time to begin exploring her creative side. But she also needs to keep an eye on her beloved daughter, who is getting thinner by the day.

From a very young age, Sylvie decided not to live like her parents. She would have manners, grace and, most importantly, money. Living in her perfect home with her three children and wealthy husband, she has achieved her goal. While her husband is often away on business, she pushes for social status, working on committees and keeping the “right” kind of friends.

But neither woman is prepared for the events that will lead to the unravelling of their lives. As happy as they both are, they are still oblivious to a thick blanket of deception. A web of secrets is uncovered that shakes them, and their children, to the core and unexpectedly throws them together.

Maggie and Sylvie are forced into situations that challenge them to deal with emotional and financial problems far beyond their realms of experience.

This is a book that isn’t afraid to confront gritty extremes. On the one hand, it deals with secrets – infidelity, embezzlement and the private hell of eating disorders – but also tackles how our private lives have become very public via social media networks.

Fans of Jane Green will not be disappointed with The Accidental Husband. It is a well-written, fast-moving book that is hard to put down.

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