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Aretha Franklin’s apology

Aretha Franklin missed fellow legend Whitney Houston's funeral because of health problems

The singer was devastated to have missed Whitney’s service, and sent an arrangement of white roses, lilies, tulips and other flowers to Whitney mother recently to apologise for not attending.

“Aretha was devastated she missed the service, she watched it live on TV and was texting about it the whole time.”A source told the New York Daily News newspaper

“She’s just stunned and heartbroken. She sent Cissy flowers to her house, telling her how terrible she felt, how she really wanted to be there.”

Aretha (69), was criticised for performing a gig at Radio City Music Hall the night of the funeral but witnesses who saw her insisted she clearly wasn’t well and said she had to attend the concert because it had previously been cancelled in 2010.

“I saw Aretha Friday night, and you could see in her face she wasn’t well. Her leg was visibly giving her problems.” A source says.

“She wanted to go to the funeral. Unfortunately, something had to drop out.”

“The Radio City show was already a makeup show from 2010. She would have been sued up the wazoo if she didn’t show up.”

When it was suggested she simply perform at the funeral and then leave for her concert, the source added: “She couldn’t do that. These are all the people she came up with through the business. She’s not going to leave early with Cissy right there. And can you imagine if they had to take her out in an ambulance? She wasn’t going to risk that disruption.”

“She and Cissy have been friends since the 1960s. They’re forever friends.”

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