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Angelina Jolie consults monk for wedding date

Did a monk help choose the date for Brangelina's wedding?

Hollywood’s favourite couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, are expected to wed this US summer and sources are now sharing that a Buddhist monk chose the date.

Sources close to Angelina say that the 37-year-old has used Buddhist astrology in the past to help find the most auspicious days for key moments in her life.

“She’s relied on the Buddhist calendar to plan medical procedures and vacations for herself, Brad and the kids. She’s even used it for picking the dates of her movie openings,” the source told the National Enquirer magazine.

Brad, it seems, goes with the flow, allowing his wife-to-be to take all the time she needs. The couple have been together for eight years and have six children, so they’re in no rush to head down the aisle.

Brangelina in Sydney earlier this year

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