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The Block NZ’s Little Dylz’s baby news

While Big Dylz has welcomed baby number one, Little Dyls' girl is due next month!

While The Block NZ’s Dylan Cossey settles in life as a new dad, there’s also a new addition for his TV teammate Dylan “Dylz Jr” Guitink, with the builder’s girlfriend of one year, Emily Phibbs, due to give birth to a son next month!

The pair met in a pub in their native Tauranga last year and, after a few dates, discovered Dylz’s dad was best friends with 22-year-old personal assistant Emily’s late father.

“We’re one big, happy family,” says Dylz, 27.

“Her dad’s probably looking down, saying, ‘Good choice!'”

The pregnancy came early on in the romance, but Dylz tells, “This is the easiest relationship I’ve ever been in. It’s like we’ve been going out for years. Dyls was telling me I should’ve met her ages ago. We’re going to set our kids up as boyfriend and girlfriend. We’re both pretty protective, so it’s the only option that’s going to work!”

Despite originally wanting a daughter, Dylz is “stoked” about teaching his son to surf, fish and play rugby.

He adds, “I’m so pumped. I always wanted a kid before I was 30. Ever since The Block finished, my life’s never been so good.”

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