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Newshub's Melissa Davies is pregnant with her first child

Congratulations to the proud parents-to-be!

Newshub's Melissa Chan-Green (nee Davies) is pregnant with her first child. The TV presenter and journalist announced the happy news on social media in a slightly cryptic way. She posted an image of a pub quiz answer card for the Chan-Green family and filled in the number of players on the team with the letter '3'.
Unless you know the story behind how Melissa, 35, met her husband, Caspar Green, 39, this might have gone straight over your head.

Caspar runs a trivia company and the couple met at a pub quiz that Caspar was hosting in London in 2015, towards the end of Melissa's stint as Newhub's European correspondent.
Melissa told Woman's Day of their meeting, "I'd love to say I impressed him with my intellect and wit, but it was the opposite. He was giving us clues and we had good banter. It's funny because I wasn't at all interested in bearded Englishmen who'd been to posh schools, but we got on so well, I could look past the facial furniture."
Caspar asked Melissa to marry him the following year, during a diving trip in the Poor Knights Islands in February 2016.
But it wasn't all plain sailing for the couple, who then endured a difficult year and a half of long-distance romance before Caspar moved to New Zealand to be with Melissa.
Melissa and Caspar on their wedding day in March 2019. Photo: Libby Robinson
The couple were married in March 2019 in a breath-taking ceremony on Waiheke Island, Auckland, and sprung an unusual surprise on their wedding guests, by holding a trivia quiz.
"This is me at my most comfortable," Caspar confided to Woman's Day, who attended the wedding.
Melissa quipped, "This is a day I've been dreaming of for so long – the chance to hold my friends and family hostage to play games with me."
Their guest list comprised a who's who of Kiwi media, including Mike McRoberts, Kanoa Lloyd, Kate Rodger, Ryan Bridge, Tom McRae, Michelle Pickles and Jessica Mutch McKay - and it was Mike McRobert's team that won the quiz.

Newshub was quick to congratulate the happy couple, posting an image of Melissa on social media with the caption, "Another #Newsbub is on the way! Congratulations #Newshub reporter and presenter @melissadaviesnz, who's expecting her first baby 🎉."