Newshub presenter Melissa Davies' star-studded Waiheke wedding

''This is a day I've been dreaming of for so long,'' beams Melissa.

By Sebastian van der Zwan
As Newshub presenter Melissa Davies prepares to marry her soulmate Caspar Green on a brilliant summer's day on Waiheke Island, the day's MC, sports reporter Andrew Gourdie, looks out over the assembled guests and muses, "I'm not sure who's going to be putting the news together tonight."
Indeed, the star-studded crowd comprises a who's who of Kiwi media, including Mike McRoberts, Kanoa Lloyd, Kate Rodger, Ryan Bridge, Tom McRae, Michelle Pickles and Jessica Mutch McKay, but there's no question that today's top story is the bride herself.
Photo: Libby Robinson
Guests gasp and whoop as Melissa, on the arm of her mother, makes her appearance at the lodge above Mudbrick Vineyard in a plunging, old Hollywood-style Anna Schimmel gown, with a vintage-look Juliet cap and a long veil that dances around her in the breeze.
As the couple's special song, On the Street Where You Live from the musical My Fair Lady, comes to an end, the beaming journalist arrives at the altar, overlooking the gleaming Hauraki Gulf, and throws back her veil, declaring to her groom, "I'm here!"
Melissa, 35, later reveals to Woman's Day, "I'd been nervous, but the moment I saw Caspar, I thought, 'Oh, yeah, this is what it's all about. It's fun now.' I immediately relaxed."
Photo: Libby Robinson
Her groom, 39, adds, "I was a bit emotional when I saw her. She looked amazing, but more than that, I felt real pride in who Mel is and what she's achieved. If I was an emoji at that moment, it would've been the smiley face with hearts for eyes."
The celebrant is former Breakfast host Kay Gregory, who's played a vital part in Melissa's career, having landed her an internship at TVNZ after speaking to her high-school journalism class.
"She was my earliest mentor, so it's really special to have her play such a big role in my life and my wedding too," the bride explains.
Lovely line-up: The bride with (from left) Amanda Nagy, Rebecca Bowman, Kate Gourdie, Annaliese Hohaia, Danielle and Sheridan Davies, and Rebecca Reid. Photo: Libby Robinson
"To say I'm honoured to be conducting their ceremony is a big understatement," Kay tells the guests. "I'm very proud of you, Melissa, and I'm so glad you've found someone as special as Caspar. You'd better look after this girl!"
Between readings from the bride's father and stepdad, Kay shares the couple's love story, which started in 2015, when Melissa went to a pub quiz Caspar hosted in London near the end of her stint as Three's European correspondent.
There were a couple of tough years of long-distance romance, but it's clear the hard yards paid off as the Auckland-based pair exchange vows, promising to "communicate fully and fearlessly, to value our differences as much as our common ground" and to "spend each day working to become a more true version of myself and to help you do the same".
Photo: Libby Robinson
Melissa's grandma Dorothy presents the couple with their wedding bands, from Naveya & Sloane, on a cushion she handmade, and the pair are pronounced husband and wife, sealing their union with three enthusiastic kisses.
Melissa's "on-air husband" Tom then does a touching reading chosen by Caspar's parents and sister, who are watching the ceremony via Skype from their home in England, and the gleeful lovebirds dance back up the aisle to the sound of Glenn Miller's In the Mood.
After a quick costume change, with Melissa donning a tiara and a stunning Tanya Carlson pantsuit, the newly-weds head to the reception at the winery's restaurant, where guests are seated at tables with silly pub quiz names, such as Beyoncé Know-alls and Binge Thinkers.
Then, as their loved ones dine on salmon tataki, twice-cooked pork belly, beef eye fillet and grilled lamb loin, the couple spring a surprise pub quiz.
"This is me at my most comfortable," says host Caspar, who runs a trivia business, as his glowing wife hands out pens.
Photo: Libby Robinson
"This is a day I've been dreaming of for so long – the chance to hold my friends and family hostage to play games with me," laughs Melissa. And although she insists there are "no losers", the battle between the news folk is fierce.
Our Woman's Day team, Periodic Table Dancers, scores 17 out of 20, but it's Mike's group, Whiskey Business, that takes the top prize – a packet of lollies and light-up maracas, plus painkillers for tomorrow's hangover.
In her speech, Melissa declares, "Caspar, you've never tried to be anyone but yourself. You're unashamedly yourself and I'm so excited about our future together … You're an impact player, you're my best friend and I love you."
Melissa's grandma made the exquisite ring cushion and Caspar chose their Naveya & Sloane bands while picking out the engagement ring. Photo: Libby Robinson
Fighting back tears, Caspar responds, "Mel, I'm so happy to be your husband. You're literally the most amazing person I've ever met … Growing up, my favourite song was Bachelor Boy, about a father preparing his son to be a bachelor for life, but I'm so pleased to marry you, Melissa – you're the bee's knees."
Before dancing into the early hours, then jetting off on a 10-day honeymoon to the Maldives, the journalist, who now goes by Melissa Chan-Green, confesses she never saw herself marrying.
"But then someone came along who changed how I felt about everything. And now we want to celebrate being at such a good point in our lives with the people who helped get us here. It's been such a beautiful day."
Marrying on Waiheke was a given. "It always feels like you're on holiday here," says Melissa. "The first time Caspar went he was like, 'I want to get married here.'" Photo: Libby Robinson
Nodding, Caspar says, "In some ways, it feels like nothing has changed as we've felt so close from the start, but I do feel different. I genuinely feel complete. When people get married, they often talk about doors closing, but I feel like the future's wide open. Meeting Mel has broadened my horizons and anything's possible."
Her trademark smile wider than ever, Melissa agrees, "This is just the beginning."
Photo: Libby Robinson
Photo: Libby Robinson
The three-tier showpiece was made by Waiheke Island's resident cake maker, Daniela Demartini. Photo: Libby Robinson
Photo: Libby Robinson
Photo: Libby Robinson

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