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Jacinda Ardern's baby is "super cute" and the PM is "too excited" to sleep

The PM received another delivery too - but this one was too large to fit in her room.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will spend a third night in hospital with her new baby girl. She is expected to leave at 11am tomorrow, when a name is likely to be revealed.
Jacinda's press secretary said the baby is "super-cute" and "slept a lot last night", although the PM was too excited to get much rest. She had an omelette for dinner last night, and porridge and a cup of tea for breakfast today.
Midwife Libby (a family friend of Lorde) and a physio have visited today, while Jacinda's mum Laurell will visit tonight.
The baby is due to be given her first bath this afternoon.

Jacinda has received another delivery today - a blooming massive bunch of flowers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was so big, it was carted into the hospital in a wheelchair and doesn't even fit in the Prime Minister's room. She has decided to put them in reception for all the new mums to enjoy.
The flowers were too big to fit into the Prime Minister's room.
Ardern gave birth to her and partner Clarke Gayford's first baby at 4:45pm on Thursday 21 June.
In true Jacinda Ardern style, the baby's arrival was announced via social media in an Instagram post.
"Welcome to our village wee one," the Prime Minister wrote. "Feeling very lucky to have a healthy baby girl that arrived at 4.45pm weighing 3.31kg (7.3lb) Thank you so much for your best wishes and your kindness. We're all doing really well thanks to the wonderful team at Auckland City Hospital."
Yesterday the Prime Minister posted a special thanks to her midwife.

"One of the many special people we have been so grateful for over these past few months, our wonderful midwife Libby," she wrote. "Not only is she incredible at what she does, this morning she made me macaroni and cheese because she heard me mention a wee craving yesterday. Thank you so much for everything Libby!"
Arnern is planning to take six weeks maternity leave and after that, Gayford will be the primary caregiver.