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Breakfast’s Hayley Holt is expecting her first child

Congratulations Hayley!

Breakfast's Hayley Holt has announced that she is expecting her first child.
The television presenter shared the exciting news live on air this morning and TVNZ was quick to congratulate the former ballroom dancer, tweeting their excitement alongside a photograph of the 38-year-old showing off her baby bump.
"Hayley's hapū!" they shared.
"Please join us in congratulating Hayley who's expecting her first child later this year #BreakfastBaby."
Hayley revealed the news when she responded to feedback by a viewer named Terry, who speculated whether she was expecting.
"On Monday we had a message from Terry saying: 'Hi team, happy new year. I've just tuned in and I'm wondering if I've missed a special announcement. Is Hayley pregnant? Or is it just today's outfit? Her bust and belly look quite full.'"
Hayley joked, "Now Terry, I'm terribly offended."
Adding, "I'd get angry and I'd send someone over to see you if, in fact, it wasn't true because yes Terry, I'm pregnant," she confirmed.
"I've finally told everybody, which is so awkward. I'm so happy because I wanted this for a very, very, very long time and I thought my time was running out and it hasn't."
Hayley's fellow Breakfast hosts John Campbell, Jenny May Clarkson and Matty McLean were, of course, delighted, with TVNZ posting a follow-up tweet showing a photo of a very excited Matty giving Hayley and her baby bump a hug.
"Safe to say the Breakfast team is excited… @MattyMcLean," they quipped.
Hayley's co-hosts are over the moon for her. (Image: Twitter/@Breakfaston1)
The former Green Party candidate has been incredibly open about her hopes for children and has been candid about the pressure she felt as a woman in her late thirties who didn't have kids.
In July 2018 she interviewed Dr Mary Birdsall on Breakfast and revealed to viewers that she had personally visited the fertility specialist to discuss her own reproductive future and options. It was something her mum Robin had encouraged her to do and it's a topic Hayley seemed resigned to discuss.
"Every single person wants to know what I'm doing with my womb at the moment," Hayley previously told NEXT magazine.
"Because I am 'of the age'. I guess it's fear in a way, because there is a certain age that you have to make those decisions."
Having visited Dr Birdsall Hayley revealed she chose not to do anything at the time, "because I suppose I was hoping that if it were to happen, it would happen naturally.
"I looked into freezing my eggs, but the cost and the statistics behind it and the chance that it would turn into a baby, it felt a bit… scientific," but admitted she wasn't opposed to revisiting the idea.
She's also revealed to being more than happy to have a baby by herself, telling Woman's Day in early 2018 that she'd been "clucky for about 10 years."
"I just don't want to do it with the wrong person. But having a baby by myself is an option as I get older."
Hayley has been incredibly open about her hopes for children one day. (Image: Getty)
Viewers have been quick to congratulate Hayley with one tweeting: "That is wonderful news, congratulations."
While another added: "Ahh! Tears of joy for you here on the couch. Congratulations. What wonderful news to start the years off."
And we couldn't agree more. Congratulations, Hayley!