Why grandparents don’t want to be called grandparents anymore

Are the terms grandma and grandpa dead?
Cool Grandma

Cool Grandma

According to parenting site Mamamia, there’s a new trend emerging amongst grandparents – who no longer want to be dubbed grandma, grandpa or other “ageing” terms.

That means Granny, Pops, Gramps and Grandpop are all out of fashion in favour of having little ones call them their elders by their first name, or by a more hip term like Gogi, Glam-ma, GeeMa, or Glammy.

Linn Wellford, author of The New Grandparents Name Book said that many grandparents these days feel too young to be called “stodgy” names like Grandma and Grandpa.

“Most of my Boomer generation friends see themselves as youthful, so they are picking names that reflect that; Pop-pop, G-Ma, Nona, Bubba,” she explained.

This trend is already alive and well in Hollywood circles, where celebs such as Goldie Hawn are opting for names like “glam-ma” instead of grandma.

And Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump apparently refuses to be dubbed grandpa, insisting his grandkids call him by his first name.

One Kiwi we spoke to reported that their grandma insists on being called NiNi, as her real name is Janine, and by default her partner has become GiGi.

But many parents understandably think the whole thing is “ridiculous,” and say they will let their kids decide what to call their grandparents.

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