What women worldwide pack in their maternity bags for childbirth

From razor blades to basins for washing, torches for light and plastic sheets for covering the delivery bed; these photos highlight the contrast between luxury childbirth and life-saving necessities.

By Skye Ross
Mothers-to-be in third world countries don’t have the choice of putting thought into what they’ll pack in their maternity bags before birth, simply because having options is a luxury.
Sadly it’s often forgotten that many pregnant woman worldwide are merely trying to survive childbirth, and hoping their baby makes it through too.
In New Zealand and in other first world countries? Mums often want the process to be as painless and safe as possible.
DeliverLife is a new project for UK based charity WaterLife. They have visions of “a world where everyone has access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene by 2030.”
In this photo series, they highlight the contrasting perception of childbirth by showcasing what ‘essentials’ women worldwide pack in their bags in preparation for birth.
Did you pack a razor blade to cut your child’s umbilical cord or massage oils and snacks?
Eye-opening, isn’t it?
Photos: WaterAid