Turia Pitt and her fiancé have just revealed their baby’s sex in the most touching way

We're as excited as she is by the big news!
Turia Pitt and Michael Hoskin reveal their baby's gender.

A little over the month since announcing to the world that she was pregnant with her first child, inspirational burns survivor Turia Pitt has shared the gender of her child to be and…

It’s a boy!

Taking to Instagram to share the exciting news, Turia and Michael made the country’s eyes collectively well up as the pair literally jump with joy upon bursting a balloon loaded with blue confetti.

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Turia was just 24 when she was caught in a grassfire in a remote section of The Kimberleys during a 100 kilometre ultra-marathon six years ago.

She fought an incredible battle just to survive, suffering burns to 64 per cent of her body, causing her to lose several fingers and spend a grueling five months in hospital.

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Despite all of this, Turia didn’t suffer any internal injuries and it’s believed she will have a normal [pregnancy.](


“One of the first questions I asked [after the fire] was if I would still be able to have children,” Turia told The Weekly.

The 29-year-old, who is now into the second trimester of her pregnancy, says her term is going smoothly with fiancé Michael by her side.

“In many ways, that was one of the main things that helped me keep going during the recovery and helped me find the will to keep going.

“Having Michael there beside me was important but so was the thought we could have children. That thought gave me hope that one day Michael and I would have a family.”

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