The busy person’s Santa list

Number nine: Tea that stays warm even when you put it down and forget about it.

When your life feels like one big hamster wheel that you’re trying not to fall off, traditional Christmas gifts don’t cut it for you. You don’t need a massage voucher, you need the time to have the massage! Practical support and assistance are your best friends, so that you can make time for the people and things that you love in life. Here’s our version of the Santa list – designed with you, the busy person, in mind:

1. A meal-kit delivery that comes with a chef to actually make it.

2. Four more hours in the evening so I can get through my Netflix binge and still have a good night’s sleep.

3. The ability to locate misplaced items when I can’t for the life of me remember where I put them.

4. An assistant to respond to emails and clear my inbox.

5. A system that packs and unpacks my bags for me when I go away and come back from holiday.

6. A faster way to get through those tedious household chores so I can spend the weekend on more pleasurable pursuits.

7. Clothes that iron themselves.

8. The ability to parallel park my car without attracting laughs from complete strangers.

9. Tea that stays warm even when you put it down and forget about it.

10. The willpower to stop at one glass of wine (okay, two glasses of wine).

11. A self-organising wardrobe.

12. The ability to always find a parking spot right outside the shops/café/work.

13. Clothes that go on sale just when I want to buy them.

14. A year-long subscription service for regular bathroom items, so I don’t have to constantly remember (then forget) to replace shampoo/toothpaste/floss/toilet paper, etc.

15. A way to lower airfares and the price of petrol so everyone can be with their favourite people over the holidays.

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