The back to school survival guide for parents

The holidays are drawing to a close and that means an end to relaxed bedtimes, living in togs and BBQs for dinner. Here’s how to make the transition from summer time to the new school year with ease.
Back to school survival guide

Back to school survival guide

Preparing for the new school year can be a daunting process, especially after a relaxing holiday where time seems no object.

But there are ways to make it as painless as possible, by setting goals and getting prepped early for the oncoming year. Here are our five golden rules to survive the start of the new school term

Set bedtimes

First things first, everyone needs to know where they stand. In the days approaching the start of term, set the bedtimes for the coming year. If your kids are going to sleep at 10 when their bedtime will be 8, they’re going to have a tired and grouchy start.

Plan outfits

Whether it’s uniform or casual wear, go through your kid’s closet and workout what needs to be donated or passed onto friends, and what they need for the year going forward. Get a load of washing on and hang five days of outfits onto hangers – it’s a winner for saving time in the morning.

Get a homework routine sorted early


Have a chat with your kid and ask what subjects they are looking forward to this year and what they are struggling with. It’ll help you get a gauge of their worries, and what you might need to raise with their teacher. It’s also a good time to raise the idea of a homework routine, and suggest that if they get homework done between 4 and 6 they can have the rest of the evening for hobbies or friends.

Make a meal plan

Going forward, this is going to go out the window, but make the first week back easier on yourself by getting the shop done early, then planning out the week’s lunch and dinners. Can you batch bake and freeze some dishes for easy reheats during the week? Or bulk buy some veg and houmous for the kids to take in their lunchboxes?


Back to school is always a difficult transition – especially when the weather is still great. Why not give the kids something to look forward to, by promising that the first Friday back you’ll all have fish and chips on the beach, go to the mall or another small treat they might desire.

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