Salma Hayek talks being a role model for her daughter

The actress opens up about how she sets a positive example for her 7-year-old daughter Valentina
Salma Hayek

Salma is a passionate supporter of women’s and immigrants’ rights – and while she takes care not to “preach” at Valentina, she makes sure her daughter knows how important those causes are.

“She’s aware that her mommy fights for the rights of women, that there are many places in the world where they are not entitled to the rights,” Salma told People.

The actress, who recently received an award recognising her work from Equality Now, says she hopes to set the right example for her daughter.

“That’s all I can do. Just try to live an example of the things I believe in.”

Despite all her work in supporting women’s rights (which included co-founding the charity Chime for Change with Beyonce), Salma doesn’t describe herself as a feminist.

“If men were going through the things women are going through today, I would be fighting for them with just as much passion. I believe in equality.”

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