Parents punishment goes viral

We can’t decide if this is ingenious or just plain mean.

Parents punishment goes viral

It’s what every teen fears. The moment their parents call them out on their BS, and they’re grounded for the foreseeable future.

But one trouble making youth found herself in a worse situation than most, after her parents decided to give a grounding like never before.

The parents sentenced their daughter Cassidy to an indefinite grounding, unless she could free herself by earning 500 points.

Points were earned through a series of household and helpful chores, from cooking dinner to cleaning the kitchen. Tasks like cleaning the toilet could give her a boost of 50 points, but simple things like emptying the dishwasher earned her just 25.

The punishment was shared on Facebook page Life of Dad, with the letter reading: “Congratulations! You got grounded!”

“To get ungrounded, you must earn 500 points.”

After it was posted, many parents started sharing their own punishment methods, including one mum who made her naughty kids write an essay each time they were bad.

“My oldest – now over 30 – was an English major in college, and all of my kids enjoy writing. They developed proficiency,” she wrote.

And it seemed many parents allowed reading or writing while grounded even though other forms of media (like TV) were taken away.

Another parent wrote: “I used to take away electricity of any kind, tele, light, cooking, music…but if they wanted to read they were allowed electricity for that and nothing else. Both read extremely well and love it to this day after 20 plus years.”

One wrote jokingly: “Now I understand the reason adults don’t get grounded – we’ve got so many points saved up!”

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