Parenting blogger’s marriage split turns nasty

Popular parenting blogger Constance Hall said she was trying to keep things amicable between her and ex husband, Bill Mahon.
Constance Hall

Constance Hall

Constance Hall

Popular parenting blogger Constance Hall has been forced to defend herself, after her estranged husband accused her of running off with their four children, and another man.

Constance has made a name for herself as a down to earth parenting blogger; sharing the good, the bad and the ugly about all things kids and relationships.

But last week, the busy mum of four shared the sad news that she and her partner Bill, who reside in Australia, were going their separate ways; that they had simply stopped being good for one another.

Sadly, Bill obviously didn’t feel so amicable about the situation, and called the parenting blogger out for supposedly blocking him on her page, while simultaneously accusing her of running off with his kids that he hasn’t “seen in four weeks.”

“Constance Hall is on her way to Ireland without me. While I was working at our other house she met a guy that has not worked in 15 years because he blames the world. Now they are together and have run off with my four kids. I’m over it but this is not a Queen,” Bill wrote on Facebook.

He also accused the blog of being “bull—-” and “all a lie.”

Not one to stay silent, Constance shared a defence of her position on Facebook, telling her 1 million and counting followers: “I wanted to keep things kind and respectful…but there comes a time where I need to protect myself too.”

“Firstly, I have never ever kept my children from him. In fact the opposite, I have begged Bill to spend time with our kids, before I left, he was always too busy with work and now I have constantly asked the kids if they will come back to Perth to see him.

“As far as I was concerned Bill was coming to the UK to introduce the kids to his family and only now through his public online outrage have I been informed that he is not.

“From the bottom of my heart all I have ever wanted is a healthy relationship between my kids and their father.”

Constance goes on to admit that she has developed feelings for a new man, named Denim, but claims that only happened once she and her husband had split.

“From past experiences with breaking up with Bill I can expect more lies and public slander. I never wanted it to get here.”

Constance’s many followers were quick to lend their support to the mum, with many telling her the only people who really know what happened was her and her husband.

Kelly Louise commented: “This reminds me of something you wrote and posted about how we can tell a man over and over the same thing about how we feel but they don’t do anything to fix it then are standing at the door clueless about what went so wrong when you leave them.”

While Sharnee-Jade Rose shared her family’s similar tale, writing: “My mum received all of this when she left my dad. My dad for 16 years committed adultery. It wasn’t until she decided to leave him that she became the victim for destroying the happy marriage. People are dicks. Sometimes it’s only your family that know the truth. Which makes things hard, because so many people outside of your family take one side and destroy what your feeling is right. The worst part is when they had known the whole time about what he did. And still took his side against my innocent mum who was just trying to work to do the best for us kids.”

The blogger is heading to the UK and Ireland to promote her book, Like a Queen.

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