Mistake in school spelling homework goes viral

Grammar fanatics beware…

Correcting other people’s spelling is usually considered bad manners but one mum was so horrified when her son came home from school with a list of incorrectly spelled words for a homework exercise she took to Twitter to voice her concern.
The list was designed to prepare year six children for their upcoming SATS exams but there were some very obvious errors in the copy as well as in the actual list of words including ‘sincerely’ spelled incorrectly as "sincerley" and ‘immediately’ spelled as "immediateley" – there was also a typo that read “you” instead of ‘your’.
Since the post went up less than a day ago it has been re-tweeted and liked over two thousand times and the UK mum has responded to criticism that the note was faked.
“Yes it’s real. No it’s not photoshopped. Yes I’m taking it further. And stop assuming the teacher is a woman. It’s not,” she wrote.