Kids reveal the best thing about being a grown up

This is too adorable.
adorable kids

adorable kids

A survey in the UK has asked children what they think the best thing about being an adult is – and the answers are adorable.

Eight to 15 years olds were asked what the best thing about adulthood is – and what came out top was getting to choose your own bed time.

This was closely followed by these:

• having the freedom to go and visit friends whenever you wanted

• getting a house and decorating it however you want

• choosing what job you want to do

• buying a pet

• getting out of bed when you want

• getting your own food

• having children

• dyeing your hair whatever colour you want

• getting a tattoo

• getting a piercing

We won’t mention that the realities of adult life actually cancel out half of the above, will we?

But what adults can probably agree on, is what the children chose as the worst things about being grown-up.

Having to be responsible for money, having to work, no school holidays and having less free time all ranked highly on the list, as well as the physical signs of ageing like getting wrinkles and losing your hair.

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