How to … Pick a unique baby name

If you want your child to stand out, have a look at the five tips on choosing an unusual baby name.

If you, or someone you know, has ever been pregnant, the excitement around picking a baby name will be familiar.

Many prospective parents – and even some yet to conceive – have an on-going list of names they like, names they love and names they will never tell anyone in case they steal them!

Here are five ways to avoid the hassle and pick a baby name not everyone else will think of:

1. Use a baby name generator

There are a lot of Internet tools out there to help you choose a name for your baby. Whether you want ideas around a particular theme (a country, flowers, space…) or if you want to pick all your future children’s names at once, so you avoid clashing kids, baby name generators have an almost endless list of suggestions for new parents.

2. Find the list of the top 100 baby names – and ignore them

Those names are on that list for a reason – they are the most popular names. If you want something different, take a look at number 100 and beyond. Inspiration might strike at number 435 – you never know.

3. Visit a cemetery

This one is a bit macabre, but stay with us. Old cemeteries are full of beautiful, classic names and there are hidden gems within them.

4. Climb your family tree

If tombstones aren’t your thing, look through the paper version. Investigate the names within your own family, and you might not only come up with an unusual option, it will also have an added layer of significance.

5. Turn it into a game

This one is just about being nosy. Be brave and ask everyone you meet what their name is and keep a list – you could even push for middle names if you want. Supermarket staff, the wonderful man who makes your coffee each morning, the person you catch the bus with every day – who knows, you might make a few friends (or future babysitters) out of it.

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