Girl sent home from school for not wearing a bra because it might distract male teachers

A female sixth form student was sent home from school for not wearing a bra due to concerns that she might "distract male teachers"
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A mother has complained to her daughter’s school in Kent after a fellow student was sent home for not wearing a bra.

The anonymous mum complained to Hillview School for Girls after the girl was allegedly told that by not wearing a bra, she “would distract the male teachers”.

She contacted her local news site, Kent Live, and told them what had happened.

However, the school told the site that that was not the reason she was sent home – but because she was wearing a “near see-through top”.

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Hillview School for Girls in Kent (Image: Google Street View)

Headteacher Hilary Burkett set the record straight: “Hillview Sixth Form has a professional dress code that applies to all students.

“This is to ensure that students present themselves smartly and as positive role models to the younger years.

“On the rare occasions where a student chooses to not adhere to the dress code or dresses inappropriately, they are asked to go home and change so the school can maintain its high standards at all times.”

But she did not comment on whether the comment about distracting male teachers had in fact been said.

Jonathan King, a teacher from Sheffield, was disgusted by the assumption that all male teachers would be distracted by a student: “How horrific! I would be horrified if someone said that in my school.

“As a gay man, I find that statement very assumptive, but even worse, it sexualises the girl. It also takes all responsibility away from the professional teachers, who should be able to have a sense of control and good judgement – otherwise they should leave the profession.

“Fair enough for the girl to be sent home – but not on those grounds.”

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