Eight life lessons from Harry Potter

Life lessons can be found in the pages of Harry Potter.
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If you want your children to learn some important lessons in life, you might consider giving them the Harry Potter books to read. Yes, they’re fantasy stories full of warring wizards and marvellous magical spells, but they also contain many valuable insights into life, love, loyalty and what really matters at the end of the day.

1. Don’t give up, even when the going gets tough. The odds against young wizard Harry Potter defeating the almighty Voldemort seem impossible, and Harry suffers some terrible knockbacks along the way, including losing people he loves. But he keeps going and triumphs in the end.

2. A little bit of kindness goes a long way. Harry treats others with kindness and compassion, and as a result, he ends up with a loyal group of supporters who stick by him when he needs it. Harry is the first person to be considerate towards Dobby, and in the end, the faithful house elf saves Harry’s life, although it costs him.

3. Tough tasks are easier when you have help. Time and again, Harry succeeds against the dark forces, thanks to the support of others – he would never have found the Philosopher’s Stone if it hadn’t been for Hermione’s skill with spells and Ron’s chess ability.

4. Money doesn’t make you happy. The Weasley family barely has two galleons to rub together, yet their home is full of love and laughter. The Malfoys, by contrast, are rolling in it, but are desperately unhappy and have to watch their backs.

5. Celebrate diversity. The important people in Harry’s life are all very different to each other, from “lMoney” Luna Lovegood to troubled werewolf Professor Lupin and well-meaning Hagrid. They all bring a richness to his life in their own unique ways.

6. Never judge a book by its cover. Harry often finds that people aren’t always what they seem, the most obvious case in point being Professor Severus Snape. Cold, sarcastic and downright hostile towards Harry, by the end, we learn there’s more to Snape than meets the eye.

7. Fear can be conquered. Harry learns an important lesson from Professor Lupin in his Defence Against the Dark Arts classes. He realises he is crippled by a fear of fear itself, which is why he struggles in the presence of the Dementors. Harry learns how to focus and develop strategies to deal with frightening situations.

8. Believe in yourself. When Harry was wracked with self-doubt, he struggled, but as soon as he started believing, he was capable of achieving great things, he found success – just look at the way in which he led Dumbledore’s Army.

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