Easter egg decorating tips

Make your Easter eggs perfectly with these handy decorating tips
Easter egg decorating

Decorating eggs is a great Easter activity to get the kids involved in, and it gives you some adorable artwork to display around the house!

We’ve rounded up a few tips and tricks to help make sure your egg decorating goes off without a hitch:

Blowing out Easter eggs 

Most Easter egg decorations require you to blow out your eggs first. To do this, use a sharp needle or pin to prick a small hole at the top and bottom of each egg.

Grab a paper clip, unfold it so you have one long wire and poke this gently through the hole into the egg. Move it around to scramble up the yolk so it can be removed more easily.

Lastly, place a straw up against one of the holes and blow through, pushing out the yolk into a bowl. Once it’s all out, rinse the egg thoroughly with water and leave to dry – ready for you to decorate!

Decorating essentials

Keep these supplies on hand to help decorate your eggs:


-PVA glue

-Metallic pens

Egg dye

Decorating ideas

Place small dots of glue all over your eggs and use tongs to dip the egg in glitter, creating a sparkly polka-dot pattern.

Alternatively, dye your eggs in your favourite colours and once dry, draw simple designs with metallic pens to create a simple but stunning look.

Images: Paper & Stitch

Images via Paper&Stitch and BHG.

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