Breastfeeding dad video divides opinion

One dad’s innovative efforts to trick his baby into thinking she was still being breastfed has gone viral.
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Chris Allen stepped in to take over parenting duties after his partner Jennifer Capo returned to work.

But with the absence of mother’s milk, Florida dad Chris was determined to keep new baby Destiny happy and fed.

Cutting a hole in his t-shirt and placing a bottle through it, the innovative dad simulates breastfeeding his baby with ease in a video uploaded this week.

Although some internet users seemed to take offence at the footage, the vast majority were in support of this doting dad.

“Now that is one crafty daddy” wrote one Facebook user, though they were also quick to point out that the man had not been censored unlike other images of breastfeeding women.

“Kudos to him! Now he just needs a cover….Why didn’t you censor this? Lord think of the children. Seriously though my husband should try this.”

One Facebook user went further, joking: “He’s just showing off because he knows women like to stare!! If you don’t want me gawking, cover up!”

Mainly though, people were just pleased that this dad was taking such an active role in looking after his newborn, with one writing: “THIS is a dedicated daddy! Impressive that the little babe is still exclusively breastfed even though momma can’t be there all the time! Loooove it!”

We agree. This is pretty damn special.

See the posts in full at the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page

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