7 Things you don’t really need to buy for your baby

It might be fun shopping of a new arrival, but does your shopping list really need to be that long?

When you get pregnant for the first time, well-wishers will offer all types of advice along the way.

More often than not, they – and the Internet – will overwhelm you with suggestions of things “you really must buy” before bub arrives. But let’s be honest, if you stocked up on everything people labeled as a must have, you would be spending thousands of dollars on things you might not even use.

Here are seven things you can probably cross off your baby registry right now:

1. Cute towels

While a hood with bunny ears and a little fluffy tail might be the cutest thing in the world (apart from your baby, of course) shockingly, the towels you already own will more than do the job of drying your little one.

2. Nappy bin

Here’s a question for you: what’s the difference between an expensive nappy-only bin and the rubbish bin you already own? Answer: not a lot, except for a bit of extra clutter.

3. Baby shoes

Cute? Yes. Practical? Not so much. Babies don’t really need shoes until they are walking, and at six weeks old, they definitely won’t be doing much of that.

4. Booties

Same idea as shoes. If it’s chilly, pop your little one in a onsie with feet attached, and if it’s warm, well, they probably want their toes to wiggle free, just like you would.

5. Baby food masher

If you own a potato masher, then you already have everything you need in this department. And if there’s a food processor in the cupboard, even better.

6. Change table

Many parents find this big piece of furniture just takes up room. Why not get a change mat and use it on the floor (or bed) – it’s cheaper and means there’s almost no chance of your baby falling off.

7. Designer baby clothes

You might want your little prince or princess to be the belle of the baby ball, but remember newborns don’t stay tiny for long.

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