21 thoughts we have at Christmas

Things we just can't help thinking.

Four to six weeks shipping… I’m sure that will get here in time

These toys will spend 12 hours in the Santa Sack and the rest of the year cluttering up the house…

Should I just get the kids an iPad and be done with it?

Where do supermarkets keep the cranberry sauce?

Please let the Deutz be on special.

I’m not eating fruit mince pies this year, total calorie bomb.

Then again… carbs don’t count at this time of year.

I could never be friends with someone who doesn’t like Love Actually.

Aww, Alan Rickman, RIP.

Will the kids notice this is the same wrapping paper Santa used?

All this food and a new bikini… that’s a cruel combination.

I hope nobody in the office suggests we do Secret Santa.

Not Michael Bublé again.

Have I become the Grinch who stole Christmas?

Getting that carpark was my Christmas miracle.

I wonder if my other half got that hint I dropped about the earrings.

Is it selfish that I’m thinking mostly about myself?

We’re going to need a rainy day option.

Please don’t let it rain.

Did I take the price tag off before I wrapped this?

Yay, Snoopy’s Christmas!

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