11-year-old comes out as transgender in moving video

She showed the video to her classmates.


An Australian schoolgirl has revealed she is transgender in a brave video released on YouTube.

The 11-year-old, who goes to Mowbray Height Primary School in Tasmania, told her classmates using the footage, in which she holds up message placards.

Formerly known as Ethan, Abbey Boon filmed the clip with the help of her teacher, releasing it to classmates to tell them of her struggle.

Abbey, who has previously been teased for “always hanging out with girls,” holds up her story on placards before changing into a dress as the end of the clip.

“I met a girl called Makayla and she made me feel like I didn’t have to feel different…I could just be me!

“This gave me the courage to write my story and share it,” the placards read.

Abbey’s mother, Melinda Miles, uploaded the clip to YouTube on Monday, where it has quickly gone viral.

Melinda says her daughter approached her last year to tell her she wanted to be girl. She said after the revelation there were lots of “happy tears” and that the entire family “support everything she does.”

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