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Kids and sport – what motivates them and what puts them off for life

If sport is fun for kids, they're more likely to be active as adults.
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Kids who play sport enjoy a huge range of social, mental and physical benefits.

They’re getting regular exercise, gaining new skills, making friends and learning about camaraderie and teamwork – which in turn teaches them life skills such as patience, resilience and how to better manage their emotions.

Many parents believe that kids need to specialise early to excel in a sport, but they’re actually better off playing a variety of codes, says Sport New Zealand’s Roger Wood.

Parents also often underestimate the importance of keeping sports fun for their kids.

In this video Sport New Zealand’s Roger Wood talks about:

  • what motivates kids in sport – and what puts them off playing

  • the importance of positive sideline behaviour and not pressuring kids

  • why kids are better off playing a variety of sports

  • and what parents can do to ensure their child is getting a fair go on the field/court/pool.

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