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Help boost your toddler’s nutrition

Embrace the toddler years with a dose of patience, a lot of love and good nutrition choices.

Any parent of a toddler will know these little people are a law unto themselves — an endless source of entertainment and joy, yet also some of the most exasperating mini-humans we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing! Added to this is the challenge of ensuring your constantly growing and evolving toddler enjoys a nutritious diet.

Designed for toddlers one year and older, the newly upgraded S-26 GOLD Toddler milk drink is a nutritious, vanilla-flavoured drink. Offering their most advanced formulation yet, it contains Lutein and an improved Omega-3 blend.

S-26 GOLD Toddler is specially formulated with age-appropriate levels of 16 essential vitamins and minerals. Iron and iodine help support your child’s early growth and normal brain development, while calcium and vitamin D help maintain strong teeth and bones. Vitamins A, C, D plus iron and zinc help support the immune system.

S-26 GOLD Toddler can be enjoyed supplementary to a varied diet when energy and nutrient intakes may not be adequate.

Help fussy eaters get the nutrition they need:

If you’re a parent to a picky eater, try the following tips to help encourage variety and boost nutrient quality:

• Grate veges into pasta sauces, muffins or casseroles

• Spread hummus or other blended legumes on sandwiches, pizza bases or wholemeal muffins

• Chop mixed fruit into bite-size pieces and thread onto ice-block sticks.

Kate Cameron, account manager and busy mum’s solution

As a first-time parent, I’ve recently learned that keeping a toddler happy and healthy requires great consistency in all areas of parenting, especially when it comes to their sleeping and feeding habits!

Our adorable daughter Lucy is now 16 months old and the highlight of her day is having her toddler milk drink (with her blanky, of course) in the morning and at night time. Feeding is still a really special part of ‘our time’, where we sit together and have glorious cuddles, and post-feeding, a wee chat together.

Including toddler milk in Lucy’s diet gives me the confidence of knowing she’s getting added nutrients on top of her solid food – which means one less thing to worry about! It’s also a good option for times when she’s off her food or teething. Happy mum, happy child!

For more info, visit or click here to get s-26 Gold for your toddler.

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