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5 simple things you can do to make flying with a baby easy

There’s no need for a little one to quell your wanderlust. Here are five tips for flying with baby.
Mum and baby looking out window of plane

Pack light

It may feel counter-intuitive not to take an abundance of nappies and spare outfits, but superfluous baby gear is a real hindrance when you already have so much to carry and so little space.

Just take the necessities on board with you.

Book an aisle seat if possible

Easy access to the aisle is a real bonus, especially if your baby is unsettled.

Often parents are particularly conscious of disrupting other travellers, so you’ll appreciate not needing to bother somebody to take a little walk or use the facilities.

For long haul flights, don’t forget to book a bassinet as well.

Pack convenient baby food

Countdown’s Smiling Tums is the perfect carry-on item, with pouch food being far and away the easiest way to feed while travelling.

With no added sugar, a terrific taste and a wide range of flavours, your little one will love them as much as you will.

They’re also the perfect size and great value, so pop a few in your carry-on bag and enjoy the peace of mind of having it sorted.

Try Smiling Tums as a convenient on-the-go meal for your baby or toddler. Available at Countdown.

Use a baby carrier

These are incredibly helpful when travelling.

They’re lighter and less bulky than a stroller, and having your hands free for other items as you board and exit the plane is priceless.

If you don’t usually use a baby carrier, practise efficiently clipping baby in and out at home before you go, making sure it’s correctly adjusted for their size.

Trust your instinct

Every parent and baby is different, and nobody knows your baby like you.

So despite well-meaning advice, sometimes you just need to go with your gut – especially when you’re deciding on your destination and flight times, how much disruption to routine you and your little one can handle, and whether you’ll need a friend or family member to travel with you for longer-distance travel.

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