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Teen stays up watching Netflix, oversleeps, wins Olympic gold anyway

Red Gerard, a 17-year-old American snowboarder is a legend among Netflix viewers.

As if it wasn’t enough to win an Olympic gold medal at the age of 17, Ohio-born Netflix viewer Red Gerard showed the rest of us up after staying up late and subsequently oversleeping.

The teen spent his Saturday night watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine (excellent choice, highly recommend it). He fell asleep, then slept through his morning alarm as teenagers are wont to do. His mate rushed him out of bed at the last minute. He couldn’t find his jacket and had to borrow one.

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Although that sounds like the start of a bad day, he scored 87.16 out of 100 to beat the Canadians who took out second and third in slopestyle snowboarding.

To celebrate? He loudly yelled “HOLY F***!” on international television and met up with his friends who had waited for him at the bottom of the slope.

“I actually said going into all the contests that I’d love fourth place, but first place is better, I got to say.”

And as if this didn’t already sound like a 17-year-old’s day dream, his friends had been shotgunning beers since 8:30 in the morning.

So Red Gerard is clearly living his best life, what have you done lately?

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