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Sex abuse victim granted euthanasia via lethal injection

The woman in her 20s was allowed to end her life, after her trauma was deemed "unbearable."
A Dutch woman was allowed to end her own life

A Dutch woman was allowed to end her own life

A young woman who lived with “unbearable” trauma caused by sex abuse has been allowed to end her life in The Netherlands.

The Dutch woman in her 20s was given a lethal injection, after her doctors determined that the post traumatic symptoms she suffered were so horrific she had no hope of recovery.

According to the Daily Mail, her psychiatrist felt “there was no prospect or hope for her,” as she suffered such severe psychological disturbance.

Her symptoms ranged from severe anorexia, chronic depression, hallucinations, and compulsions – which led to her being mainly bedridden, reported the Metro.

While the woman was deemed of sound mind to make her own decision about euthanasia, the move has been criticised by several high profile figures.

Dr Yael Margolin-Rice told Broadly that they would never say “over the long term, anyone is absolutely untreatable.”

They added that “people absolutely do recover” and are able to overcome their feelings of helplessness.

However, Margolin-Rice was quick to add this can sometimes take decades.

The Dutch woman was reportedly abused during childhood.

Details of the case have been released by the Dutch Euthanasia Commission, showing that the woman was killed last year via lethal injection.

The Netherlands made assisted dying legal in 2002, under the Termination of Life on Request and Assisted Suicide Act. Under this law, doctors are able to euthanise anyone deemed to be experiencing “unbearable suffering,” even if they don’t have a terminal illness.

Here in New Zealand, euthanasia is still illegal, despite two attempts to get assisted dying through parliament. Despite this, in a survey last year conducted by 3 News, 71% of people said they were in favour of a law change on this issue.

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