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Ridiculous change room stories you won’t believe

Here are some of the craziest/weirdest/funniest things that have happened behind closed doors.

If you’ve ever been inside a women’s change room – be it at the gym or in a store – you’ll know it’s an interesting place.

The name says it all: it’s a change room.

A room to get changed.

However, it’s not nearly that simple.

Here are some of the craziest/weirdest/funniest things that have happened behind closed doors.

1.“I was blow drying my hair (I was fully clothed!) when I girl decided to stand right behind me. She was completely naked (no pants, no bra – nothing!) except for a mitt on her hand. She started rubbing the mitt all over her body. That’s when I realised she was fake tanning right behind me.”

2.“A woman at my gym sits on the floor and eats her lunch, picnic style. She’ll still be in her gym clothes and will just casually start eating. There’s a kitchenette and table downstairs she could sit at but no, she eats in the change rooms.”

3.“I once went for a shower after swimming to find a huge, used bloody tampon casually sitting on the shelf where you normally put your shampoo. Apparently, she couldn’t be bothered to walk the few steps to the toilets to change it there.”

4.“I used to work in retail and once walked in on a couple going at it. I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

5.“I was cleaning the change rooms at the clothing store I worked at and found a pair of soiled undies one day. And another time, someone had peed in an empty, family-size bag of Maltesers.”

6.“I saw a lady brushing her pubic hair just out in the open AFTER she blow dried it with a hair dryer. She then used the same brush on her head.”

7.”At the gym, I saw a woman remove her used pad and place it on the bench in the COMMUNAL changing area. Then, she put on a new one.”

8.”The most ridiculous thing I’ve seen is an overflowing nappy in the Myer change rooms. That’s followed closely by snot smeared on the mirror in Top Shop.”

9.”Just the fact that a sign like this needs to be made is concerning enough:”

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