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Quotes, pricing options and your rights

What’s your right when it comes to pricing options?
Quotes, pricing options and your rights

We recently bought a heat pump. When we asked for the price, the salesman wanted to know if we were paying cash or using a credit company. We inquired what the difference would be. He told us, legally, he couldn’t give us separate quotes. We had to decide which option before he told us the price. We have now bought the heat pump, but was he correct about not being allowed to give us two quotes?

There is absolutely no reason why the salesman could not have calculated for you how much each option would cost. How otherwise can you decide? In fact, if you use the credit option, in law he must give you a full disclosure of how much you will end up paying anyway. So why he couldn’t have also told you the cash cost is beyond me. I suspect the salesman was not intentionally trying to keep you in the dark. He was probably confused with some other rules that might exist about presenting buyers with more than one contract for the same goods. But you weren’t requiring two contracts. You simply wanted two quotes. I’m surprised you went ahead and purchased anyway.

Maybe you had pretty much made up your mind. If that sort of issue arises again, ask to speak to the manager or, if the salesman is in your home, call the manager. Even though you have already purchased the goods, why not call up the store and find out what the salesman was on about? I’d be interested to hear the explanation as well.

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