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Powerful video shows dangers of texting and driving

The moving video aims to prevent drivers from using their mobiles while on the go.
Distracted driving

Distracted driving

A campaign to show drivers the dangers of using their phones while behind the wheel is spreading across the internet today, thanks to its moving message.

Created by ‘It Can Wait,’ the video shows a number of young drivers sharing the reasons why they might check their phones while on the road.

The reasons range from being in traffic, to boredom, to wanting to check a text while on the go.

But after sharing their reasons for using their mobiles, the youngsters are confronted by a victim of text-driving, Jacy Good.

When Jacy was 21-years-old, her parents and her were travelling home from her college graduation, when they were hit by a truck as a result of another motorist texting and driving.

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The collision killed both of her parents, and left Jacy with life-changing injuries.

“I live with a partially paralysed body,” she explains to the other young adults.

“And I didn’t have my daddy to walk me down the aisle when I got married.”

In a column for CNN last year, Jacy wrote: “Maybe it’s time for a chance, because while my wreck might be just another set of numbers in some ledger, I sure don’t feel like a statistic. I feel like a person whose life was permanently damaged by someone’s bad and preventable decision. I wonder how other statistics feel? Hang up and drive.”

Jacy and her husband Steve are public speakers who campaign on Distracted Driving. You can find out more via their website Hang Up and Drive.

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