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New mum shares raw reality of childbirth

Honesty is always the best policy.
New mum shares the raw reality of childbirth

New mum Becki Pope recently shared her journey to motherhood in an effort to give other mums the lowdown on what to actually expect after childbirth – and the online community loves it.

Blogging under the name ‘Mummy Mumbles’, Becki’s list of 20 things to know when you’ve just pushed out a baby struck has a chord with mums and women the world over, and has been shared close to 78,000 times since it was first posted online a few days ago.

While she details the realities of motherhood post-childbirth, Becki’s take on all things motherhood-related is fairly light-hearted and at times, quite comical.

C-sections: the grim truth

Taking a no holds barred approach, the mother-of-one tells it like is. First off Becki highlights the after pains – including how much it will hurt during your first wee, which she says will be soothed by taking a jug of water and pouring it “over your bits like you’re trying to be a star in some very disturbing porno”.

There’s also the rather sensitive matter of your first poo, which the blogger says will make you feel as though you’re “having another baby”.

And your first shower? “Your first shower will be like a scene from Carrie. It’s normal. It may feel like you’ll never be right again and that you’ll walk like John Wayne forever, and you might, but you’ll feel so much better for the shower. You’re literally washing away your sins.”

Becki also gives some reassuring advice to new mums who might be struggling.

“Stop worrying. You’re not superwoman. There is no such thing as normal… or perfect. You are your baby’s normal. You are your baby’s perfect.”

She also lets new mums right off the hook as far as expecting they have to believe their baby is the most beautiful bub of all time.

She writes: “Your baby looks weird. Like… Really weird. ‘Oh how cute/such a beautiful baby’ etc. will be said at you and you’ll accept other people’s opinions, but to you it looks like a hairless slightly purple old granddad with dried blood and skin stuck to its wrinkly face.”

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